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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daily dose of pretty

I've been needing some pretty horses in my life as a change up from the normal beasties I see too often at auction or online. Also Mugs has been posting about coming out of the 'color closet', so I'll admit it. I also enjoy a flashy horse. My own horse isn't flashy but I've had some flashy projects. 

I hate that it's true, but it's 10 times easier to sell a flashy horse than a plain one, no matter how much better of a horse the plain color may be. I can sell a buckskin or a paint all day long. Now this doesn't mean I won't pick up a chestnut horse at a sale, it just means I'm baffled when the chestnut horse with excellent conformation and training is harder to sell than a horse with less then ideal conformation. To me, conformation is pretty. 

Below are some of the flashier: 
Sassy- grulla AQHA mare

Felix- palomino AQHA gelding
(Felix actually sold before he was even really listed- they came to see another horse and saw him and fell in love.)

Flicka- sorrel- possible red chocolate Tennuvian mare

Honey- Pinto MFT mare

Cowboy- Paint gelding
(Cowboy was sold pretty much sight unseen to the same people who bought the horse below- Little Bit)

Little Bit- pinto mare

Midas- palomino AQHA gelding

Clover-Bay MFT mare

 Danza- Buckskin Paso mare

Fiona- sorrel TWH mare

Kota- paint gelding

Ice- pinto, paint gelding

Aaaannnnd now: Have some more pretty horses to brighten up your weekend. 


  1. Oh yeah...
    I'll have one Flicka please....

    Don't let Becky have her, no matter how much she whines.

  2. Too late. I already peed a big circle around her.

    Or, if we're working with human ways of laying claim, I licked her. She's all gross and licked. You totally won't want her now.

    Actually, I don't know which one I want. My brain kind of shut down - there were too many to choose from.

  3. Haha! My Flicka was actually trick trained once she got over being hit by a 2x4 most of her life. So if you stuck your face out she'd give you a kiss on the cheek. She took two years to retrain.

    If I had to pick any of my own, I'd probably go with Sassy. Lovely little king bred mare, very bright and easy to work with.
    Of the other horses, I claim that first big buckskin!